Christophe Bruno
France 2008
programming: Valeriu Lacatusu
Production : Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid- Jeu de Paume- Christophe Bruno

Global index of the decay of the aura of language, the Dadameter aims at measuring our  distance to Dada. It was inspired by the work of the french writer Raymond Roussel and a game on language between homophony and equivocation. The project is a satire about the recent transmutation of language into a global market ruled by Google et al. and uses the most up-to-date technologies of control to draw cartographies of language at large scale!

Christophe Bruno lives and works in Paris. His polymorphic work which includes installations, performances and conceptual pieces has a critical take on network phenomena and globalisation in the field of language and images. He was awarded a prize at the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair with the ARCO new media prize 2007, at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003 and the Piemonte Share Festival in 2007. His work has been shown internationally.

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