L’ attente – the waiting


Grégory Chatonsky
France – 2007

Taking internet flows as a starting point,  L’ attente – the waiting proposes the network inhabitants’ fiction. Not the life-story of one person or another but the story of the Internet machine that feeds on our lives daily. There is two kinds of those Internet twisted flows taking as a starting point realtime web users’ sentences. Random words are extracted from those sentences and traduced in images using flickr. In addition to the words and images the visitor sees pre-recorded videos of passengers waiting for the train in the Gare du Nord looking to the schedule or chatting together.

Grégory Chatonsky currently resides in Montreal and Paris.  He has worked on numerous solo and group projects around the world. In 1994, Chatonsky founded a net.art collective, incident.net, and has produced numerous works for well known centers and museums.  Chatonsky’s body of work, including interactive installations, networked and urban devices, photographs and sculptures, speaks to the relationship between technologies and affectivity, flow that define our time and attempts to create new forms of fiction.

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