Internet delivers people


Ramsay Stirling
USA – 2008

“Internet delivers people” is an adaptation on Richard Serra’s and Carlotta Fay Schoolman’ s, Television delivers people from the 70s. By transcribing the original work and procedurally replacing only a few words, Stirling followed the “mash up” internet mentality to restructure content in order to convey a new message. Just like Serra and  Schoolman referred to television’s role as an instrument of corporate control, Stirling now refers to the reality of the internet where the user is a consumer, a producer and the product itself at the same time.

Ramsay Stirling lives/works in New York where he studies at Parsons the New School for Design. His work, that is internet based to a great extent, has recently been shown in the Chelsea Arts Museum and the National Art Museum of China.

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