With the installation of the National Museum of Contemporary Art at the Athens Conservatory and the construction of a venue for New Media, a new series of online exhibitions featuring works conceived for the Web has been inaugurated. Our main intention is to familiarize the public with experimental art forms, such as net art, and to reveal the new conditions for artistic creation and interactive reception in the digital era.

In the opening exhibition, e-critures, interesting forms of interactive narrative and hybrid digital literature were presented through net works by five pioneering artists.

The second exhibition in the series, titled Tag ties & affective spies, investigates the social aspect of the Internet, which established a new public space for communication and social networking in the digital era, through the unique space delineated by the computer screen, proposing a critical approach to the new visual social media.

I would like to thank especially Daphne Dragona, new media curator, who proposed the concept and was responsible for designing and curating this particularly interesting exhibition, the participating artists and the authors Alessandro Ludovico and Juan Martίn Prada, as well as Foteini Aravani for designing the exhibition site and Thymios Presvytis for designing the catalogue.

Anna Kafetsi
Director, National Museum of Contemporary Art

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